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Thermostat Service in Toledo, OH

Modernize your approach to temperature control and take advantage of the latest advancements in programmable technology with our thermostat service in Toledo, OH. Your comfort system relies on the thermostat to keep the temperature at a consistent level, and any type of breakdown can cost you dearly in terms of energy costs. Bluflame offers an approach to thermostat repair that keeps you in control of the temperature in your home. With a greater level of control, you can avoid other issues, including the spread of mildew and mold.

If you are still working with a traditional mercury-based thermostat from a bygone era, the time may be right for a change. Take advantage of our thermostat installation process when you need the latest programmable models for your home. Our group of contractors gives you an advantage when it comes to regularly-scheduled care, as we offer a thermostat repair service and a thermostat installation service. We can provide you with a solution or we will get you an affordable replacement without delay.

New Thermostat in Toledo, OH

A Streamlined Approach to Thermostat Installation

As a full-service HVAC replacement and repair company, we offer a prompt and professional approach to thermostat installation. Gain greater control over the environment in your home and get a modern thermostat without as many moving parts. This can extend the lifespan of your comfort system and keep you cool for years to come.

See the difference that comes from a thermostat installation service that features an in-house parts department. When your air conditioner just won't cool the house down and your family is suffering in the heat, time becomes critical. Our team can have the right part for you in a snap, and your family will thank you.

Thermostat Repair and Additional Care

Protect your family from sweltering temperatures and exposure to mercury with our proven process for thermostat repair. Whether you are working with a mercury-based thermostat from the 1980s or a modern digital unit, we have a solution that saves you time and money. Without a functioning thermostat, your heating and cooling system could be wildly inefficient. This could lead to exorbitant costs and accelerated wear for your entire system.

A Thermostat Repair Service for All Homes

No matter what type of configuration you have in your home, our thermostat repair service offers you a solution that makes sense. When you leave the house for an extended period of time, your thermostat will keep your house at the right temperature for as long as you are gone. If you are in need of heating repair for your home, we can help you with that as well.

Contact us today for affordable thermostat service that can make your home more energy efficient. We proudly serve customers in Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg, Maumee, and Rossford, Ohio, and surrounding communities.